Insights & Clarity on Business Succession

For most family business owners and the attorneys, accountants and family office leaders who serve them, identifying the right strategy for succession is largely guesswork and gut feelings. 

There’s no real way to know for sure whether you’ve got the right strategy, and no unbiased data to turn to for guidance. Until now.

At Assess Next Gen,  we assess and accelerate transitions for Next Gen Family Business leaders, using data-driven insights gathered through the vetted, scientifically validated Assess Next Gen Survey.

Family Business is more complex than any other type of business, and the largest part of our economy. Our clients needed this model to describe their complex relationships. The report identified gaps and opportunities in those 5 complex systems: the family, business, owners, learning, and individual.
A Veteran Family Business Advisor
VP of Company
Absolutely the best 360 assessment for Family Business leaders that I’ve ever used.
A Multi-Family Officer
VP of Company
The process was easy for our consultants. They collected raters with the leader who received feedback. The rater groups are unique to family businesses: the owners, board, managers, peers, direct reports, and family members. Then the consultants and leaders reviewed that feedback. Our consultants say this assessment provided critical feedback data and accelerated their continuity planning work.
Partner, a large wealth consultancy
VP of Company
Virtually all of our Family Business Center members need this assessment tool. We recommend it for any college or university that needs to add value and generate revenue. It’s easy to use and incredibly useful.
Director, Family Business Center

The Assess Next Gen Survey

The Assess Next Gen Survey is a 360-degree survey custom-designed by expert family office consultants with 70+ years of practical expertise and research to help your family business enterprise identify the strongest likely path to success in your succession strategy. 

The survey relies on anonymous feedback gathered directly from manager, peers, mentors, consultants, and direct reports in your organization to paint a complete and accurate picture of strengths, weaknesses and areas of potential improvement for potential successors. 

The Assess Next Gen Survey provides family business owners and the consultants they work with a toolset to gather intelligence on the core competencies of their team, as well as a framework (including guidance and worksheets for instructions) to develop and improve on those competencies with 1:1 coaching.

This 360 assessment process is customized for three target audiences:  
1.  Family business leader version
2.  Non-family business leader version  
3.  Board member version

Expert Support

Our consultant partners have demonstrated expertise as wealth advisors, estate and business attorneys, business psychologists, and Family Office Officers. They are available to assist you as you implement and assist your clients using the Assess Next Gen Survey and Assessment tools.

Our Process

Assess Next Gen works closely with you to define every step of a successful 360 assessment process, providing guidance every step of the way.

What's Included?

· Qualitative interviews: 
Detailed one-to-one direct or virtual 30-minute confidential interviews with up to 15 key stakeholders. That data will be collated into themes and categories in a written report with recommendations.
· Quantitative assessments:
 Confidential feedback from 15+ people will be collected from six important rater groups:  the 1) Owners, 2) Board, 3) Managers, 4) Peers, 5) Direct Report, and 6) Family.  This validated assessment includes a 35-page report that defines each leader’s strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and hidden talents.
· Confidential feedback session:  
A confidential one-on-one feedback session will be conducted with each of the leader participants. A written report with key areas of focus will be identified for each individual and specific leadership development plans will be created. A list of resources will accelerate that feedback into behavioral and performance outcomes for each leader.  Executive coaching or strategic planning may be recommended separately.

Answer Critical Questions

The Assess Next Gen Survey gives you insights and clarity on the questions that keep you up at night.

Learn more
  • Are family members prepared to eventually take over the business?

  • Should I consider a family member for a promotion?

  • What key skills are most needed for them to succeed and how can they be improved?

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